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Douroquímicos New Products Integrated Solutions!

New products, that complement the Douro range, and were rigorously developed to meet the highest demands of the building industry, namely in the following segments:
  • deep substrate cleansing
  • protection against moisture through waterproofing coatings
  • perfect discolorations
  • high-performance mortars


From the new DOUROQUÍMICOS range, we highlight:

Limpedra DQ

a product that was specially developed for the removal of lime scale and oxides from stone, ceramic tiles, concrete and other mineral substrates.

Desenerosta DQ

a product developed for the removal of dry residues (cement, lime scale, etc.) from concrete mixers and formworks.

Limptelha DQ

a product suited for cleaning roofs, stone and other substrates contaminated by fungi, algae, moss, lichens and other microorganisms.

Limpfer DQ

a product for the removal of rust from mineral substrates.

Cimlatex DQ

a latex resin that, mixed with mortars, produces a plasticizing waterproofing and bonding effect. It improves the mortar's adhesion, mechanical strength and workability.

Descofra DQ

a water-soluble discolorant.

Descofra DQ PUR

a discolorant that can be used pure or diluted in diesel.

Hidrofugante DQS

a solvent-based waterproofing coating with a "pearl-droplet" effect that maintains the materials' water vapour permeability. It has an excellent penetrative power and a high durability.


Choosing colours is nice and fun, but choosing the right colour scheme is not just selecting two or three colours we like and use them to decorate our spaces. So, we encourage you to make preliminary tests of the chosen colour(s), by painting small areas of the surface(s) you are going to decorate, because:

  • By using the same colour with different products, with different gloss levels, there may be visible finishing variations.
  • The colours we show here may present slight shade variations.
  • The combination of two or more colours we like may not produce a harmonious result.


It is extremely important to prepare any and all substrates in order to achieve the desired results.

Tintas Douro has a wide range of insulation coatings / primers whose use we recommend depending on the surface's characteristics.

Dourofix Primer and Aquacril Insulation Coating

(Cement-based plasters, stucco and sprayed mortars)(Rebocos à base de cimento, gesso e massas projectadas)

Douromanchas Primer

(Surfaces contaminated with cigarette smoke, soot and damp stains)

Douroclassic Primerc

(Mineral substrates: brick, stone, whitewashed and concrete surfaces)

Dourocril Insulation Coating

(Cement-based plasters, stucco and sprayed mortars)
For further information, feel free to contact our technical services